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Experiencing Covid in a Remote Area

It was the beginning of the new semester. The junior high school had just started their programme at this foundation. Everyone was enthusiastic about how it would go. The foundation had already prepared the books, clothes, and other student needs. The students looked very prepared and everyone was smiling. The teachers were prepared with their teaching materials. It couldn’t have been any better.

But only until one of the students and our cook were starting to have Covid symptoms. Not long after that, nearly half of the villagers started to lose their sense of smell and half of them were having a fever. At that moment, I knew that it was only a matter of time until Covid would reach me.

First Week

2-3 days after the first symptoms, I suffered a high fever and a light headache, but I wasn’t exactly sure if it was Covid until I was gradually losing my sense of taste. It was an awful feeling combined with a severe nausea. I was having problems to eat anything, and even if I tried, it was uncomfortable [MF1] because I also suffered from diarrhea. Thankfully, it was a holiday season so I was not disturbing any classes.

Second Week -1

I couldn’t properly sit straight anymore and started to hallucinate. The foundation thought it would be better for me to be in a hotel isolation where I could get a better service, and most importantly, not spread the virus any further. So, I complied and moved to the city. It was not only me, 3 out of 4 teachers were positive with Covid, so we all got separated for isolation and the school activity was in a freeze for about 2 weeks.

Second Week -2

I felt like a walking corpse and it was getting hard to breathe even for a 3-5 meters walk. I hallucinated seeing diamonds and lights when I turned off the light. All I was able to do was watch the ceiling and wait for the food that the foundation prepared to make sure that I eat properly. Every morning, I always sat in front of the room trying to look for sunlight, although I was also disturbed by the smoke of my neighbor right beside the hotel burning their trash every morning and afternoon.

I said that I felt better when the foundation asked about my condition, but in reality, when I think again right now, I didn’t. My mental condition was improving, but without question, my physical condition was deteriorating. I knew that now was the time for me to go to the hospital.

One might ask, why I didn’t go to the hospital sooner. Well, one of the reasons was that I was influenced by many people, but the real reason lies in what happens here, things that I saw and experienced firsthand. What kind of things? Things like the fact that some teachers don’t know how to write properly (in Indonesian) and others don’t really understand basic math. These facts are actually true. It’s not a tale, it’s still happening, and those very teachers got their certification to teach.

What’s the correlation? Well, if someone can get a teaching certification without having the ability to back it up, could it also mean that m