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The Environmental School in Raja Ampat

At Child Aid Papua we believe that every child has the right to education and healthcare, regardless of who they are, where they are, or how much money their family has. We are committed to providing children living in the remote provinces of West Papua the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the world around them and to gain skills for lifelong learning.

Child Aid Papua is a non-profit, public benefit organisation based in Switzerland, working exclusively in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

our vision

"To provide every child in Raja Ampat with access to the quality of education and knowledge required for a lifetime of learning and empowerment, and the ability to contribute to a healthy and safe environment with long term protection of the natural world around them."

our school

inspiring - astonishing - touching - raising awareness


Our educational programs are based on basic principles and are therefore very effective. In our school there are daily classes and the foundations of marine conservation projects.


Through theoretical learning and practical experience our students learn about Raja Ampat’s nature as well as what they can contribute to its protection.

health care

We offer solutions to health challenges. In addition to the pro-active aspect of education, we also help in case of accidents and illnesses or other physical ailments.

our mission

Child Aid Papua seeks to achieve its vision by consistently implementing the following throughout all its programs:

  • The provision of a safe and friendly learning environment with qualified teachers who are motivated to deliver enriching and engaging activities to children in their local language

  • To provide a greater opportunity for learning and knowledge acquisition, enabling children to consider a wider variety of perspectives and apply critical thinking to the world and environment around them

  • To create awareness in the local children as to the unique natural environment surrounding them. To demonstrate their connectivity to, and dependence on the environment, and their ability to influence and impact it through their behaviour

  • To design and implement long term environmental awareness and protection by implementing projects and learning activities with children and providing capacity building opportunities in local communities

  • To develop and implement health programs that have a positive impact upon the quality of life and future health of children and adolescents in local communities

our principles

We understand education as a platform to satisfy the thirst for knowledge and demonstrate the consequences of our personal actions

We work daily at a grass-roots level, which gives us a deep understanding of the children's needs and challenges here in West Papua

We maintain lean structures, ensuring that all the money reaches where it is most needed

We pass on our knowledge to the locals, in order to ensure the sustainability of our project work

Funding projects


Youth Care Center in Sorong


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