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First Marine- and Eco Tourism School in Raja Ampat! 

The pioneer school in West Papua!

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Through our unwavering dedication to education and environmental conservation, we are transforming students into passionate advocates for the planet. By supporting Child Aid Papua, you are not just investing in education; you are investing in a brighter, sustainable future for our world.

Your contribution ensures that this transformation continues, securing the long-term protection of Raja Ampat's precious natural resources for generations to come.

Join us in creating a better, more sustainable world. Your support today will ripple through time, leaving a lasting impact on our environment and future generations. Together, we can achieve remarkable things. Donate now and be a part of this incredible journey towards a brighter, greener tomorrow.


Economic empowerment of the local community

Empower Dreams, Shape Careers, and Preserve Paradise!


Imagine a world where students aren't just learning; they're diving into their future careers, guiding travelers through paradise, and mastering the art of hospitality. That's the reality we're creating in Raja Ampat. Our program equips students with the skills they need to thrive in the region's booming tourism industry. Diving, tour guiding, hospitality - they learn it all!


By supporting us, you're not just donating; you're investing in their dreams and Raja Ampat's future. But that's not all. Our students aren't just gaining skills; they're becoming passionate environmental advocates through education and hands-on experiences. Your donation isn't just money; it's a commitment to securing Raja Ampat's breathtaking future. Join us in crafting a sustainable world where dreams flourish, paradise thrives, and your impact lasts for generations.


Take action now - donate today and be part of the transformation!

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Cultivate entrepreneurship in tourism


Unlock the potential of Raja Ampat's future leaders! Our program is a powerhouse of creativity, innovation, and business prowess, shaping students to spearhead the sustainable revolution in the region's tourism industry. We don't just teach; We instill a deep commitment to conservation, environmental stewardship, and responsible tourism.


With your support, we're sculpting a future where tourism in Raja Ampat thrives while preserving its natural wonders, fostering ecological harmony, and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of local communities. Join us in forging a sustainable and prosperous future for Raja Ampat's tourism.


Your contribution fuels the engine of progress. Together, we're not just shaping leaders; we're crafting a better tomorrow for this extraordinary destination and its people. Invest in the vision today!

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