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Funding projects

We want to keep expanding and improving our activities. “Funding projects” are long-term ideas that only marginally affect our daily operations and therefore we would like to realise them by entirely separate financial funding.

Sports field

The sports field in Sawinggrai is regularly used by many children. Unfortunately its facilities are minimal and there are many hazards to the health of the children. We would like to renovate and expand the sports field.


After the field has been cleared and levelled, nets for gates and to delimit the field of play are to be purchased and a volleyball net is to be installed. We also want to set up a small building for ball storage and other games. Overall, we anticipate costs of around CHF 2,000 for materials, wages and transportation.


As with all our projects, we would like to offer this work to some locals.

* Please indicate the desired project in the donation form


Youth Care Center Sorong

With 220,000 inhabitants, Sorong is the largest city in the region. Poverty in the city is very high and many children live on the streets. We want to help and offer them a place to stay. For this we would like to rent a house in Sorong and hire staff. The children should be looked after and given the opportunity to have hot meals. Smaller teaching units are being introduced step by step.


For us it is extremely important to give these children a perspective away from the streets, drugs and crime and to enable them to grow up better, and above all, safely.

We expect total costs of CHF 20,000 per year for all expenses relating to the project.

* Please indicate the desired project in the donation form


Summer school in Bandung


Mathematical tasks are difficult for the children from Raja Ampat because their daily lessons place little value on mathematics. In order to change this, we want to send two high school students every year to Bandung (Java, Indonesia) for a summer stay - during the school holidays. There they will be supervised and taught by a maths teacher.


In addition to school, travelling and discovering a new area is a great and unique opportunity for the children. Many have never left their home and will gain valuable experience through the trip.

This stay costs around CHF 1,500 per child.

* Please indicate the desired project in the donation form

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