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Trash Bank

To pioneer waste management in the region, we collaborate with the Bank Sampah (Waste Bank) in Waisai. The waste, such as cans and PET is recycled and then sent via Sorong to Surabaya, where it is melted down and reused.



Since we have become a locally recognised school, both at Elementary and High School level, we maintain a very good relationship with the Education Department of Raja Ampat. We are often asked for advice and support, which of course, we always offer.


Raja Ampat is proud of its ongoing, deeply rooted culture. Cultural acceptance in the region is essential for the successful work of Child Aid Papua, hence we maintain good relations with regional authorities and important decision-makers.

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Since 2020 we have been running the Child Aid Papua High School in order to provide the opportunity of ongoing, high quality education to our students from grade 7-12. Having good partnerships with local, national and international stakeholders, our High School students are also able to study abroad. This provides a unique opportunity to young people from remote West-Papua.

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