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Situation in Raja Ampat

The medical care in Raja Ampat is often based on village medical support by a shaman and with simple home remedies. For serious illnesses and accidents a city hospital can be visited, but they rarely have the necessary equipment and know-how. In addition, a trip to the city is inconvenient and financially unbearable for many families.


Because of this, serious illnesses and accidents are usually not treated properly. As a result, there are various malformations of bones and deaths, which could have been prevented by simple means.


To alleviate these cases, Child Aid Papua is campaigning for better healthcare in the region with the following programs:

Education programs

In order to prevent illnesses and ailments, we give our students simple lessons in personal hygiene, first aid and water-rescue.


We also send our local staff to training courses in order to pass on their knowledge to the locals.

Medical support in the village

We support the entire village population with simple medical care for injuries and illnesses.

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