Our Team

Child Aid Papua is a non-profit, public benefit organisation founded in June 2017 in Switzerland and under the name 'Yayasan Cahaya Anak Papua' in May 2018 in the province of West-Papua, Indonesia. Through education we enable children and adolescents in remote areas of West Papua to have better prospects for their future. In addition, our educational programs create awareness in order to protect the breathtaking nature of Raja Ampat. Since the opening of our new education centre in August 2019, our base of operations is Sawinggrai, Raja Ampat.

The Child Aid Papua family consists of two organisations. The Indonesian foundation (Yayasan) implements our local projects. The Swiss association carries the foundation and provides all resources. We strive to keep our structure as lean as possible to ensure that all money reach the correct and required destination.

Team Switzerland
Charity Child Aid Papua


Founder and President

Jonas is the head and the heart of the organisation. He works as a teacher on site and coordinates everything around Child Aid Papua


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Board Member

Walter helps us with administration issues. Furthermore, he is responsible for all our events back in Switzerland.


Vice-president + Co-Founder

Hannes has been working for Child Aid Papua since the beginning and oversees all administrative processes as well as the accounting.

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Board Indonesia
Child Aid Papua Foundation

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Board president & Teacher


Maya has been working with Jonas since the beginning and is the founder of the Foundation and a teacher. She also handles all legal matters in Indonesia.


Founder & Teacher

Jonas is the head and the heart of the organization. He works as a teacher on site and coordinates all events around Child Aid Papua

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Pakis Dimara Rudisman 



Pakis is employed by us as a Field-Officier. He is responsible for the logistics as well as doing all the maintenance work.

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Boardmember &



Jufry is part of our board. As a local, he is an important link to the communities around Raja Ampat. He also ensures the success of the trash programs in the villages

Reny Rumair

Board member



Reny is a member of the Yayasan board.


Ugi Sugiarto



Ugi is from West-Java but he has lived in West-Papua for many years. He has been leading the English classes for our elementary students and the adult class since February 2020.

Yoce Dimara



Since Child Aid Papua provided the mother of nine children with a successful tumor operation, she helps us out in the kitchen




Sky is from Jakarta. He has been in our Team since December 2020. He teaches school classes at all levels

Brinzinsky Juneanto
Andarias Duli Munkin



Andarias is doing all the maintenance work. He is working for us since summer 2020.

Arnol Siori


Arnol is a former Child Aid Papua student.  Alongside Pakis, he is in charge of logistics and the safety and security of our boats.

Tawai Dimara

Associate with Ocean Warrior Project


Tawai looks after our Ocean Warrior project every Tuesday. Together with the children, she collects the waste in the village of Sawinggrai. We then bring recyclable waste to the nearest town for recycling.

Dayu Rifanto





Dayu designs and writes our books. These are written in two languages and convey important messages about life in Raja Ampat.

Samsudin Rudisman

Project manager garden

Since the beginning of 2020 we have been able to launch a garden project together with the "Duurzame Samenleving Papua Barat" foundation from Netherlands.

Samsudin is our project manager and maintains the garden with a lot of enthusiasm.


Yopi Dimara



Bapak Yopi Dimara provides the Land for Child Aid Papua and supports us in all cultural issues and challenges.