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You can find out everything about our current projects in our quarterly newsletter. In addition, our teacher Brizinsky Juneanto writes regularly on our blog about selected topics and about his life in Raja Amapt. Have fun while reading...

Fascinating Stories from a Different World


Brizinsky Juneanto

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Hi everyone! My name is Brizinsky, people call me Sky.

After living my whole live in the capital city Jakarta, I decided to be here in Raja Ampat try to pass on my hope and dream to the children. I also write sometimes. And some of it are how I perceived things. In this blog I will share my thoughts, impressions and also difficulties with my new life here in Raja Ampat. Therefore, the perspective would be a bit subjective.

I hope the readers will find some enjoyment and new insight of life in Sawinggrai Village from reading it. I would also appreciate to get some input and responses from you all.

Greetings from Raja Ampat, Sky

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