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Through our "Ocean Warrior" project up to 600 children in Raja Ampat learn why plastic waste is a problem for beautiful nature and what they can do about it. Using a book created by our good friend Friendly Drifter, the children experience a story from their region. It tells the story of two children who notice the huge amount of waste and the suffering of the animals. They decide to change something and "clean" the islands. This story takes place here in Raja Ampat and is therefore particularly memorable for our students.

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What makes us particularly happy about the project:


Our students are proud "Ocean Warriors" and also collect a lot of waste in addition to the official event. For this effort, they are given points and can then receive a reward.


To be an Ocean Warrior means:


  • to care about the environment

  • To prevent plastic waste

  • Not throwing garbage into the sea

  • collect and dispose of waste lying around

let us all become an "Ocean Warrior" now!

Take care of our environment and show your commitment by wearing an
"Ocean Warrior" t-shirt.


Not only do you get a sustainable, great product, but you also make a valuable contribution to our "Ocean Warrior" project in Raja Ampat.

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