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School Start 2022/2023

Exchange programme Raja Ampat – Switzerland: «and what chocolate is really made of»:

We had an international start into our second quarter. For the 4th time, our pupils had the opportunity to exchange ideas with pupils from Switzerland in a video message. The children first introduced themselves in a portrait and then interviewed each other with different questions about their hobbies and school. Of course, the focus was on speaking English. But cultural exchange is also an important part of the exchange programme. It quickly became clear to both classes that they were living in two completely different worlds. However, the topic of chocolate shows that they do have things in common. Moti - one of the Indonesian students - countered a Swiss student's statement "chocolate is made of milk" with a creative video message. It showed not only his climbing skills but also the cocoa fruit and explained that this is the basis of chocolate and not (only) milk.

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