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Our history


By working for the NGO "Barefoot Conservation" on the island of Arborek, Jonas gets a first impression of the situation in Raja Ampat.

June 2017

On June 21, 2017 the association "Make a Difference" was founded in Näfels GL. The founding board consists of 3 people so that the administrative processes can be kept as low as possible.

As a result of the founding, friends and acquaintances can now join the association and become actively and financially active.

July 2017

A learning center will be set up in Sawinggrai and will now serve as the basis for all projects and teaching lessons. The small learning center is both a school and an office and the center of life for the children and Jonas.

May 2018

Due to the increased number of projects in Indonesia, it is essential to have a legal entity on site. In May 2018, a foundation under Indonesian law with the name "Yayasan Cahaya Anak Papua" (in English: Child Aid Papua) will be established.

September 2018

In order to simplify the external marketing, the association "Make a Difference" is renamed on the occasion of the first association meeting. From now on the association will operate under the name CHILD AID PAPUA association.  

August 2019

Since the old and very small learning center no longer meets the requirements of daily needs, a new environmental and education center was opened in summer 2019. After a construction period of 7 months with an average of 12 workers, the opening could take place with a big ceremony.

Spring 2020

Child Aid Papua receives official accreditation as a high school from the Education Board. Thus, from summer 2020 and 2021, both high school and junior high school can be offered for school years 7-12. The team is being expanded to take care of the larger number of students.

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